A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

“Growing" is an interactive animation centered around the experience of an isolated elder who has outlived her family and loved ones. As the first half of the piece depicts, she finds herself somewhat disconnected from the world around her. However, players will have the opportunity to aid the woman in rediscovering beauty in nature and reintroducing warmth into her life.


Growing_Mac 403 MB
Growing_Windows 394 MB


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Hey, we just showed this game on the Parsons x Babycastles showcase. I really want to know how made the backgrounds! The painted look is really beautiful.

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Hi Dave! Thank you so much!! All of the backgrounds were painted in Procreate using a great brush pack I found from @Morgyuk. I also overlaid two different photographs (1. a crumpled piece of paper 2. watery paint drips) on the image and played with layer blending modes to achieve the final effect.